The shoppingCartResponse object contains the shopping cart contents.

Attribute Format

Customizable fields for adding shopping cart elements.

The cartItemInfo attribute consists of subobjects:

  • productLabel : product name. Its format is "string".
  • productType : product type. Its format is "string (enum)".
    Table 1. Values associated with productType
    Value Description
    FOOD_AND_GROCERY Food and grocery
    AUTOMOTIVE Cars / Moto
    ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment / Culture
    HOME_AND_GARDEN Home and gardening
    HOME_APPLIANCE Household appliances
    AUCTION_AND_GROUP_BUYING Auctions and group purchasing
    FLOWERS_AND_GIFTS| Flowers and presents
    COMPUTER_AND_SOFTWARE Computers and software
    HEALTH_AND_BEAUTY Health and beauty
    SERVICE_FOR_INDIVIDUAL Services for individuals
    SERVICE_FOR_BUSINESS Services for companies
    SPORTS Sports
    CLOTHING_AND_ACCESSORIES Clothes and accessories
    TRAVEL Travel
    HOME_AUDIO_PHOTO_VIDEO Sound, image and video
    TELEPHONY Telephony
  • productRef : product reference. Its format is "string".
  • productQty : product quantity. Its format is "integer".
  • productAmount : product amount in cents. Its format is "string".
  • productVat : tax amount on the product. Its format is "string".