The shoppingCartRequest object allows to transmit the content of the shopping cart.

It should contain all the attributes that define the final shopping cart.


If an attribute is removed in the request, it is definitely removed. All the attributes are required to avoid errors and omission problems. We advise you to send them in the request even if one of them is set to 0 or is empty.

Table 1. The shoppingCartRequest object
Attribute Required Format

Amount of insurance


Shipping fees.


Customizable fields for adding shopping cart elements.

The cartItemInfo attribute consists of subobjects:

  • productLabel : product name. Its format is "string".
  • productType : product type. Its format is "string (enum)".
    Table 1. Values associated with productType
    Value Description
    FOOD_AND_GROCERY Food and grocery
    AUTOMOTIVE Cars / Moto
    ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment / Culture
    HOME_AND_GARDEN Home and gardening
    HOME_APPLIANCE Household appliances
    AUCTION_AND_GROUP_BUYING Auctions and group purchasing
    FLOWERS_AND_GIFTS| Flowers and presents
    COMPUTER_AND_SOFTWARE Computers and software
    HEALTH_AND_BEAUTY Health and beauty
    SERVICE_FOR_INDIVIDUAL Services for individuals
    SERVICE_FOR_BUSINESS Services for companies
    SPORTS Sports
    CLOTHING_AND_ACCESSORIES Clothes and accessories
    TRAVEL Travel
    HOME_AUDIO_PHOTO_VIDEO Sound, image and video
    TELEPHONY Telephony
  • productRef : product reference. Its format is "string".
  • productQty : product quantity. Its format is "integer".
  • productAmount : product amount in cents. Its format is "string".
  • productVat : tax amount on the product. Its format is "string".



At the moment, the taxAmount attribute is not taken into account for this operation.