Generating an uuid - backward compatibility

In this version of Web Services, an uuid (Universally Unique IDentifier) is a unique identifier that allows to identify a transaction with 100% accuracy.

However, the uuid was not generated in previous versions.

To interrogate and identify a transaction, the transactionId, sequenceNumber and creationDate attributes were used.

They allowed to search for a specific transaction with the help of:

  • its unique identifier on a given day,
  • the date and time of the query used for creating the transaction,
  • the sequence number.

In this version, only the uuid attribute (unique transaction reference number) is required.

It is used to replace the old attributes and simplify the queries.

It is generated by the payment gateway after a payment transaction has been created. This identifier guarantees that the transaction number is unique.

The value of this attribute is returned in the paymentResponse object of the createPayment operation.

Therefore, for any query that requires a specific transaction, the uuid attribute will be required within the queryRequest object.

However, for the purpose of backward compatibility, this version of Web Services allows to get the uuid (unique transaction reference number) of an existing transaction from its former identification.

For this purpose, the getPaymentUuid operation can be used.