The fraudManagementResponse object allows to obtain the results of the risk management process.

The response contains the analysis of the following attributes:

  • riskControl

    Returns the result of the risk management process.

  • riskAnalysis

    Returns the result of the risk management process performed by an external system (Konduto, ClearSale, CyberSource, etc.).

  • riskAssessment

    Returns the result of the advanced risk assessment performed by the payment platform.

The riskControl attribute

The format is: name1=result1;name2=result2

Name Format Description
name string Name of the risk management rule.
result string Result of the risk management process..
Table 1. Possible values for 'name'
Possible values for 'name'
CARD The card is on the greylist.
COUNTRY The buyer's country is on the greylist.
IPADDR The buyer's IP address is on the greylist.
AMOUNT The maximum amount per order is reached.
BIN The BIN code of the card is on the greylist.
ECB E-carte bleue detection.
CARD_COMMERCIAL_NATIONAL National commercial card detection.
CARD_COMMERCIAL_FOREIGN Foreign commercial card detection.
CAS Detection of a card with systematic authorization.
COUNTRY_CONSISTENCY The country of origin of the card, the country of the buyer's IP address and the buyer's country do not match.
NON_GUARANTEED_PAYMENT Detection of a payment without transfer of responsibility.
IPADDR_COUNTRY The country of the buyer's IP address is on the greylist.
Table 2. Possible values for 'result'
Possible values for 'result'
OK Indicates that the verification has been successfully completed.
KO Indicates that an error has occurred.

The riskAnalysis attribute

Table 3. riskAnalysis attribute
riskAnalysis Format

Score attributed to each transaction allowing to evaluate the potential risks.


Code returned by an external risk analyzer.

The possible values are listed in the chapter Managing return codes sent by the external risk analyzer.


Risk analysis status. The possible values are:

  • P_SEND_OK, "Sent to clearsale and successfully processed"


  • P_TO_SEND, "Transaction analysis is scheduled to be sent to risk analyzer"

    The return message is scheduled

  • P_TO_SEND_KO, "Problem when tried to send to risk analyzer"

    Processing error

  • P_PENDING_AT_ANALYZER, "Analysis result is still being processed by the risk analyzer. We should keep checking/waiting for the analysis result"

    The return code is being processed by the analyzer

  • P_MANUAL, "Analysis should be requested through user request (not automatically)"

    Waiting for manual expedition

  • P_SKIPPED, "Analysis request discarded by current transaction status/problem"


  • P_SEND_EXPIRED, "Analysis request expired"



Analysis reference used by the risk analyzer.


Not required for ClearSale.

For CyberSource, this attribute returns all the codes received from the DecisionManager.

  • key : data name (its format is "string").
  • value : data value (its format is "string").


  • COR-BA=Edited or editable billing address
  • A=Excessive address modifications. The buyer has changed the billing address at least twice within the last six months.
  • etc.

The riskAssessment attribute

Values Description
ENABLE_3DS 3D Secure enabled.
DISABLE_3DS 3D Secure disabled.
MANUAL_VALIDATION The transaction has been created via manual validation.

The payment capture is temporarily blocked to allow the merchant perform all the desired verifications.

REFUSE Transaction is declined.
RUN_RISK_ANALYSIS Call for an external risk analyzer if the merchant has a contract.

Refer to the description of the vads_risk_analysis_result field to identify the list of possible values and their description.

INFORM A warning message appears.

The merchant is notified that a potential problem has been identified.

The merchant is informed via one or several notification center rules (IPN, e-mail or SMS).