The commonRequest object allows to transmit general information about an operation.

Several optional attributes can be specified in the query.

Table 1. The commonRequest object
Attribute Required Format

Transaction source. The possible values are:

  • EC for e-commerce.

    Default parameter used in case no values have been populated or if the populated value is different from possible values.

  • MOTO for a MOTO order.
  • CC for a call center.
  • OTHER for another sales channel.

Only the EC value allows to create a transaction with 3D Secure.

The other values must only be used for MOTO, where 3D Secure is non-applicable.


Number of the merchant acceptance agreement.

If the field is populated, make sure you use the agreement that corresponds to the card scheme.

E.g. a agreement cannot be used for an AMEX transaction.


At the moment, the comment attribute is not taken into account for this operation.