The response of the createPayment operation consists of HEADER and BODY of the createPaymentResponse type.


The HEADER is transmitted by the payment gateway.

Check the authentication token value (see Verifying the SOAP header in the response chapter).

  • BODY
The structure of the createPaymentResponse message is as follows:
Name Type
createPaymentResult createPaymentResult

The structure of the createPaymentResult message is as follows:

Object Type
commonResponse commonResponse
paymentResponse paymentResponse
orderResponse orderResponse
cardResponse cardResponse
authorizationResponse authorizationResponse
captureResponse captureResponse
customerResponse customerResponse
markResponse markResponse
threeDSResponse threeDSResponse
extraResponse extraResponse
fraudManagementResponse fraudManagementResponse
shoppingCartResponse shoppingCartResponse

The data returned in the response depends on the objects and attributes sent in the request.

However, whatever the operation, the responseCode attribute of the CommonResponse object must first be analyzed:

  • The value 0 indicates that the operation is successfully completed.
  • A value different from 0 involves an analysis of the responseCodeDetails attribute. It specifies the origin of the error.


The value 0, operation success indicator, does not mean that the transaction is completed. You must analyze the transactionStatusLabel attribute to verify the transaction status.