Send an HTML payment form via POST

The merchant website redirects the buyer to the payment gateway using a POST form from HTML to HTTPS.

This form contains :

The following technical elements:

  • The <form> and </form> tags that allow to create an HTML form.
  • The method="POST" attribute that defines the method used for sending data.
  • The action="" attribute that defines where to send the form data.

Form data:

All the data in the form must be encoded in UTF-8.

Special characters (accents, punctuation marks, etc.) will then be correctly interpreted by the payment gateway. Otherwise, the signature will not be computed correctly and the form will be rejected.

Please, consult the table below that indicates required formats.

Notation Description
a Alphabetic characters (from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and from ‘a’ to ‘z’)
n Numeric characters
s Special characters
an Alphanumeric characters
ans Alphanumeric and special characters (except "<" and ">")
3 Length fixed to 3 characters
..12 Variable length up to 12 characters
json JavaScript Object Notation.

Object that containing key / value pairs separated by commas.

It starts with a left brace " { and ends with a right brace " }".

Each key / value pair contains the name of the key between double-quotes followed by " : ", followed by a value.

The name of the key must be alphanumeric.

The value can be:
  • a chain of characters (in this case it must be framed by double-quotes)
  • a number
  • an object
  • a table
  • a boolean
  • empty
Example: {"name1":45,"name2":"value2", "name3"=false}

Characterizes a field with a complete list of values.

The list of possible values ​​is given in the field definition.

Enum list List of values ​​separated by a " ; ".

The list of possible values ​​is given in the field definition.

Example: vads_payment_cards=VISA;MASTERCARD

map List of key / value pair ​​separated by a " ; ".

Each key / value pair contains the name of the key followed by " = ", followed by a value.

The value can be:
  • a chain of characters
  • a boolean
  • a json object
  • an xml object

The list of possible values ​​​​for each key / value pair is given in the field definition.

Example: vads_theme_config=SIMPLIFIED_DISPLAY=true;RESPONSIVE_MODEL=Model_1

  • Mandatory fields :
    Table 1. List of mandatories fields
    Field name Description Format Value
    signature Signature guaranteeing the integrity of the requests exchanged between the merchant website and the payment gateway. ans

    E.g.: 5EQp0n6SXOOGaSPTQGd9Vkaw/SVz28eSFu76MHgQTmM=

    vads_action_mode Card data acquisition mode enum INTERACTIVE
    vads_amount Payment amount in the smallest currency unit (paisa for Indian rupee). n..12 E.g.: 3000 for 30,00 INR
    vads_ctx_mode Defines the mode of interaction with the payment gateway. enum PRODUCTION
    vads_currency Numeric currency code to be used for the payment, in compliance with the ISO 4217 standard (numeric code). n3 E.g.: 356 forINR
    vads_cust_first_name Customer First Name ans..63 e.g.: abcdc
    vads_cust_last_name Customer Last Name ans..63 e.g.: ghadhe
    vads_cust_email e-mail address ans..150 e.g.:
    vads_cust_cell_phone Mobile Number an..32 e.g.: 9123465656, 10 digit
    vads_cust_address Customer address ans..255 e.g.: flat605,Highland street
    vads_cust_state Customer state ans..127 e.g.: Maharashtra
    vads_cust_city Customer City an..128 e.g.: Mumbai
    vads_cust_zip Customer Zip Code an..64 e.g.: 400601
    vads_order_id order reference ID Used to retrieve transactions in Query API. Should be unique. e.g.: 2-XQ001
    vads_return_mode Methods to be used : “GET or POST” Format e.g.: POST
    vads_page_action Action to perform enum PAYMENT
    vads_payment_config Payment type enum SINGLE for an immediate payment
    vads_site_id Shop ID n8 E.g.: 12345678
    vads_trans_date Date and time of the payment form in UTC format n14

    Be sure to respect YYYYMMDDhhmmss format

    E.g.: 20170701130025
    vads_trans_id Transaction number n6

    6 alphanumeric characters

    E.g.: 123456
    vads_version Version of the exchange protocol with the payment gateway enum V2
  • Optional fields :

    Return URL parameters to be pass in transaction request

    Table 2. List of optional fields
    Field Name Description Value
    vads_url_return Auto redirection on merchant site after completion of successful payments.
    vads_redirect_error_message You got error message (Any message you want to send) Fail, Declined etc.
    vads_redirect_error_timeout 0 (for 0 seconds) 0
    vads_redirect_success_message You got success message (Any message you want to send) Success
    vads_redirect_success_timeout 0 (for 0 seconds) 0

The Payer button that will allow to send data:

<input type="submit" name="pay" value="Pay"/>