Returning to the shop

By default, when the buyer returns to the merchant website, no parameter will be transmitted by the buyer's browser.

However, if the vads_return_mode field has been transmitted in the payment form (see chapter Managing the return to the merchant website of the Hosted Payment Page Implementation Guide available on our web site ) it will be possible to retrieve the data:

  • either in GET mode: the data is presented in the URL as follows : ?field1=value1&field2=value2
  • or in POST: the data is sent in a POST form.

The data transmitted to the browser is the same as during notifications (IPN).

The vads_url_check_src and vads_hash fields will be sent only in the instant notification.

To analyze this data, see chapter Analyzing the payment result.

Note: the return to the shop will allow you to show only the visual context to the buyer. Do not use the received data for processing in the database.