Analizar el resultado de la solicitud de autorización

El resultado de autorización se transmite en el campo vads_auth_result:

El valor del campo es:
  • 00 cuando el pago se realiza con éxito,
  • uno de los valores a continuación cuando el pago es rechazado:
Valor Descripción
0 Transaction accepted
10001 Internal error
10009 Transaction refused for one of the following reasons:
  • The partial refund amount must be less than or equal to the original transaction amount.
  • The partial refund must be the same currency as the original transaction.
  • This transaction has already been fully refunded.
  • You are over the time limit to perform a refund on this transaction (60 days).
10422 Customer must choose new funding sources. The customer must return to PayPal to select new funding sources.
10486 This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.
13113 The Buyer cannot pay with PayPal for this transaction. Inform the buyer that PayPal declined the transaction and to contact PayPal Customer Service.