Knowledge base

Here you will find different articles on solutions and use cases based on REST API.

Concepts and background information

Description Article
Test cards Test cards
Cancellation and refund: what are the differences? Canceling a transaction
Automatic or manual validation, capture delay? Validation mode
Payment by token? 1-click payment
Instant notification (IPN): concepts Background information on the IPN

RESTful Web Services

Description Article
Authentication method for REST Web Services Authentication phase
Instant notification (IPN): how to use it Using the IPN
Functioning and characteristics of RESTful API implementation Functioning of the API

For PCI-DSS certified merchants

Description Article
Creating a single transaction using a payment method Charge/CreatePayment PCI
Creating a transaction with strong authentication using a payment method Charge/CreatePayment PCI + 3DS
Authenticating a future transaction with 3D Secure version 1 or 2 Charge/Authenticate PCI

Embedded client (JavaScript)

This section describes different features of the JavaScript client.

Description Article
Adding custom form fields Additional fields
Performing a single payment Start: Single payment
Handling embedded form errors Error handling
Handling new payment attempts (retry) Handling retries
Event and method reference of the JS client JavaScript Client Reference
Pre-configured themes and personalization with CSS Themes
Shifting from form with redirect to embedded form Migrating the form with redirect