Single-page web applications

Here you will find the documentation for using our solution with vue.js, react.js and Angular, …

SPA, SPC: definition

Some websites apply SPA or SPC concepts to their navigation.

An SPA website (Single Page Application) is executed on a single page, from start to finish. In terms of navigation, it is similar to a mobile application.

An SPC website (Single Page Checkout) applies the concept of SPA but only on the checkout page (shopping cart validation, shipping address, payment form, etc.)

An SPA/SPC website usually uses specialized frameworks that facilitate the process and guarantee compatibility with different mobile devices.

Supported frameworks

Solution Description
vue.js  Component for vue.js
react Component for React
require.js  Load your scripts asynchronously while using JavaScript Vanilla
html async directive Should not be used on old mobiles phones

Other frameworks are currently being integrated.