History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
2.2 Lyra Network 18/04/2019
  • Addition of information on the maximum recommended size of input files (REQ).
  • Addition of information in the operating principle of _ERROR and _DUPLICATE files.
  • Time zone specified across the entire document.
  • Correction of line 14 of the detailed record format in the return file (ANS).
2.1 Lyra Network 07/01/2019 Additional details on return codes in the chapter Analyzing the return file
2.0 Lyra Network 02/01/2017 Addition of chapters on testing the payment by identifier (token).
1.9 Lyra Network 30/03/2016 Corrected position of Order details 3 in the chapter Generating a payment file
1.8 Lyra Network 17/12/2015 Addition of the chapter Data dictionary
1.7 Lyra Network 19/06/2015 Update of the chapter Generating a payment file
1.6 Lyra Network 28/05/2015 Initial version in DITA format
1.5 Lyra Network 20/06/2013
  • Addition of authorization return codes
  • Additional details on providing the ANS response file
  • Update of notifications (removal of the call to the IPN URL)
1.4a Lyra Network 11/12/2012 Update of field 25
1.4 Lyra Network 31/05/2012
  • Update of the Payment file chapter
  • V2: Addition of order ref. / Info1 / Info2 / Info3 in the return file
1.2 Lyra Network 07/01/2011 Additional details on the server to server response
1.1 Lyra Network 03/12/2010 Addition of content examples of REQ and ANS files
1.0 Lyra Network 10/05/2010 Initial version.

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