Identifying generated file types

The gateway generates 2 types of payment files :
  • A common file at the company

    It lists the un-terminated tokens (with or without subscriptions) that expire.

    The exported file is stored in the /common/id directory.

  • An individual file per shop.

    It lists the tokens to which at least one subscription for this shop is attached.

    The exported file is stored in the /shopId/id directory.

The payment request file consists of a series of records. A "record" is a list of parameters separated by the ";" character ending with a carriage return. Thus, there is one record on every line.

This format type is generally called "CSV" (Comma Separated Values).

A .csv format file is a spreadsheet file that contains data on each line separated by a separator character (usually a comma, semicolon, or tab).

It can be read with a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel (commercial software), Excel Viewer (freeware) ou (freeware).