History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
1.5 Lyra Network 12/05/2020
  • Server-side integration: addition of form fields for transmitting oder, buyer and shipping details.
  • Addition of signature computation.
  • Integration redesign on the mobile application side.
  • Addition of camera and NFC card scanning support.
1.4 Lyra Network 16/10/2019 Classes renamed in code samples
1.3 Lyra Network 16/10/2018 Complete overhaul of the document
1.2 Lyra Network 16/03/2018

Addition of the chapter How can the native application detect the end of payment?

Update of the chapter Sending the payment request from the merchant server: addition of the vads_theme_config parameter

1.1 Lyra Network 04/01/2018 Addition of the chapter on performance optimization
1.0 Lyra Network 10/11/2017 Initial version

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