Google Pay™ is a payment method allowing buyers to easily pay for their purchases using the payment card associated with their Google account.

It is a simple, fast and secure method of performing purchases online or using a mobile app.

There are two types of integration:

  • mobile app integration
  • integration on a merchant website (payment is made via buyer’s browser)

This document describes mobile app integration using the payload returned by the Google Pay API. However, it is possible to adapt the following instructions by using a client payload for the Google Pay JavaScript API.

Google Pay express checkout:

During a payment, the buyer must enter their billing and shipping address in the mobile app.

In order to facilitate buyer’s payments on different sites or apps, it is possible to manage billing and shipping addresses via Google wallet.

The buyer selects his or her payment method and addresses once and the merchant website exploits the data contained in the response (payload).

(The information is automatically transmitted to the payment gateway and is visible in the PayZen Back Office).

  • The current implementation does not allow 3D Secure authentication for Google Pay payments. Therefore, there is no liability shift.
  • The current implementation does not allow to create recurring payments (payments by subscription) with the Google Pay payment method.