Exchange process

  1. The mobile application submits a paymentDataRequest request to the Google Pay™ API to collect the buyer card data.
  2. The Google Pay API returns the PaymentData object containing the encrypted data (also called “payload”).
  3. The mobile application transmits the payload to the merchant server.
  4. The merchant server creates and submits a createPayment request using the payload to populate the walletPayload property of the cardRequest object. The scheme property is set to GOOGLEPAY.
    The other properties of the cardRequest object must not be populated.
  5. The payment gateway analyzes the request, decrypts the card data and proceeds to the authorization request. It then transmits the payment result to the merchant server.
  6. The merchant server receives a createPaymentResponse and analyzes the payment result. It transmits the information to the app, which will process it.