Release notes

Version Date Comments
1.2.3 09-Jul-2015
Bug fixes:
  • Issue with the notification URL in mono-site mode
1.2.2 2-Jun-2015
  • Compatibility with the multi-site mode of WordPress
Bug fixes:
  • Problem with redirection for certain themes that use the JavaScript window.onload property
1.2.1 19-May-2015
  • Removal of jQuery in the front end of the module.
  • Addition of the readme file for the website of the WordPress community.
1.2 19-Feb-2015
  • Management of single and installment payments in the same module
  • Correction of a bug occurring during the return to the shop in case of failure or cancellation
  • Improvement of translations
  • Reorganization of module settings
  • Correction in order not to display a warning message on websites in HTTPS
  • Compatibility with version 2.3 of wooCommerce
1.1a 02-Jul-2014
  • Compatibility with wooCommerce version 2.1
1.1 21-Oct-2013
  • Addition of the minimum amount parameter for Selective 3DS
  • Reorganization of module configuration
  • Compatibility with the split payment module.
1.0a 15-May-2013
  • Modification of the module to avoid the modification of the woocommerce.php file during installation
1.0 18-Mar-2013 Creation of the document

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