Installment payment features

This module allows you to offer the possibility to pay in installments. In module configuration, you can choose the number of installments and the period in days between each installment.

This module will allow you to view an order with the total amount that has been paid (e.g., with the "3 fois sans frais" module) in your WooCommerce Back Office.

During the first installment payment, an authorization request for the amount of the first installment is sent (if the capture date is before the current date + 6). Therefore, you cannot be sure that the future installments will be honored. Make sure that the installments to come are authorized.

Starting from the second installment, the IPN is no longer called, as WooCommerce does not manage such notifications for orders that have already been finalized. It is needless to resend the IPN from the Back Office.

Additional feature implemented into this module

For installment payments, the PayZen payment gateway also allows to choose the amount of the first installment.


For an amount of 100 euros paid in 3 installments, you can set the percentage of the first downpayment at 50% of the total amount. This means that the amount of the first installment will be 50 euros and the amount of the two other installments will be 25 euros.

Payment method view

In the module settings, you can define the minimum amount for installment payments.

You can also set up the maximum amount for installment payments.

To sum up, you must define a range for enabling payment in installments.