Setting up notifications in case of abandoned/canceled payments

It is possible to configure the settings so that the payment gateway systematically notifies the merchant website:
  • When the buyer abandons/cancels a payment - via the Cancel and return to shop button.
  • When the buyer has not completed the payment process and the payment session has expired.

    The maximum length of a payment session is 10 minutes.

To set up this notification:

  1. Right-click on Instant Payment Notification URL on cancellation.
  2. Select Manage the rule.
  3. Fill in URL to notify in TEST mode and URL to notify in PRODUCTION mode fields:
  4. Fill in the E-mail address(es) to notify in case of failure.
  5. To specify several e-mail addresses, separate them by a semi-colon.
  6. Set up the parameters for Automatic retry in case of failure.This option allows to automatically send notifications to the merchant website in case of failure, up to 4 times.
    For more information, see chapter Activating the automatic retry
  7. Save the modifications.

If the payment gateway is unable to access the URL of your page, an e-mail will be sent to the address specified in step 6.

It contains:

  • the HTTP code of the encountered error,
  • analysis parts for the error,
  • Instructions to resend the notification to the URL specified in step 5 from the PayZen Back Office.