Read carefully before going any further

The most frequent error concerns the Instant Payment Notification URL. The Instant Payment Notification URL is the only way the PayZen platform can notify you at the end of your payment. The chapter Setting up the end of payment notification must be read thoroughly and the provided instructions must be respected. It is essential to understand the difference between the Instant Payment Notification URL and the return URL which is called only if the buyer clicks on "Return to shop".

Common mistakes:

  • If your Virtuemart shop is in maintenance mode
  • If your IPN URL is protected by an .htaccess file
  • If you have blocked the IP addresses of the payment platform
  • If you have not coded the IPN URL within the PayZen Back Office

How to check that the IPN URL has been called:

In the PayZen Back Office, display the payment details (double click) and select the Event log tab.