Release notes

Version Date Comments
1.7.0 09-Dec-2015 New features
  • Logo modification for the PayPal sub-module
  • Modification of the title during redirection to the payment page in all sub-modules

  • Minimum and maximum amount restrictions by client groups for each sub-module.

1.6.0 09-Oct-2015 New features
  • Capture delay and validation mode can be configured in sub-modules
  • Addition of the PayPal sub-module

  • Addition of the "Waiting for a PayPal payment" status for payments waiting to be verified by PayPal

  • Addition of the "Waiting for authorization" status for payments waiting for authorization

Bug fixes
  • SAV ticket for each payment (since version 1.6.1 of PrestaShop).

1.5.0 1-Apr-2015 New features
  • Addition of the Sofort Banking submodule
  • Addition of the "Pending funds transfer" status for Sofort and SEPA payments
  • Precision of the Instant Payment Notification URL (common URL for all shops in multi-shop mode)
1.4.0 09-Jun-2015 New features
  • Addition of the ANCV submodule
  • Addition of the SEPA submodule
  • Reorganization of the module configuration display

  • List of languages used for label configuration in order to replace the flags used in PrestaShop

Bug fixes
  • Submodule detection problem

  • Problem with taking into account the max version specified in ps_versions_compliancy of PrestaShop
  • Removal of the shipping_amount and insurance_amount variables (bug with PayPal amount)
  • Bug related to the PT and DE translations of the Instant Payment Notification URL responses
  • Loss of the PrestaShop shop ID during a call to the Instant Payment Notification URL

1.3.2 17-Apr-2015 New features
  • Taking language versions into account (e.g. pt_BR for Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Checking limits in the php.ini file (post_max_size and max_input_vars) to make sure that the module configuration will be registered, in case there are too many product categories
Bug fixes
  • The contents of the shopping cart is no longer systematically transferred to the payment platform to avoid the rejection of payment requests (error 108 - tax_amount) if the buyer is using a discount voucher

    The contents of the shopping cart will continue to be sent for payments made with the FacilyPay Oney submodule

  • The category association configuration is no longer sent when the merchant chooses to use the same Oney category for all the PrestaShop categories
  • The configuration of shipping options is no longer sent when the merchant does not have a FacilyPay Oney contract
  • In some cases the amounts were rounded by PrestaShop which created gaps between the paid amount and the order amount. From now on, the module uses the same round functions as PrestaShop
1.3.1 19-Mar-2015 New features
  • Improvement of module integration with merchant-oriented themes. Improved display on the payment method selection page.
  • Modification of configuration labels for shop ID and Instant Payment Notification URL
  • Forcing templates to recompile upon module installation

  • Adjusting the module with the new PrestaShop structure

Bug fixes
  • Bug occurring during verification of the installed version for PrestaShop v1.5.0
  • Issue concerning card data entry on the merchant website
  • Issue related to empty order status
  • Verification of the format specified for the shop URL
1.2f 26-Jun-2014
  • Redirection to the payment method selection page after the payment has been canceled or refused (except for versions 1.5.0.x due to a PrestaShop bug)
  • Addition of the transaction line to the order during the IPN callback.
1.2e 13-Jun-2014
  • Addition of the German language
1.2d 16-Apr-2014
  • Compatibility with the HTML code reduction in PrestaShop 1.6
  • Bug fix for shopping cart recovery when calling the Instant Payment Notification URL (only up to version in mono shop mode)
1.2c 11-Apr-2014
  • Bug fix for order status when a product is out of stock
  • SSL test before the activation of the "Card data entry on the merchant website" option
  • Possibility to enable and disable logs
  • Addition of a message about risk management
1.2b 02-Apr-2014
  • Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6
  • Bug fix allowing to avoid security warnings on HTTPS pages
  • Addition of logs
1.1 19-Aug-2013
  • Module overhaul
  • Management of single and installment payments within the same module
  • Possibility to offer the choice of card type for a PrestaShop online shop
  • Possibility to change the payment method titles in all languages
  • Possibility to offer several types of installment payments
  • Theme configuration on the payment page (if the option is enabled)
  • Possibility to enter card details on the merchant website (if the option is enabled)
1.0 25-Oct-2012 Creation of the module