Release notes

Version Date Comments
2.4 13/05/2019

New features

  • Addition of the Embedded payment fields (REST API) feature.
  • Addition of the Gift card submodule.
  • Addition of the Full CB submodule.
  • Addition of the PayPal submodule.
  • Addition of the SEPA submodule.
  • Addition of Payment by token feature.
  • Addition of buttons on Magento Backend to accept or decline a payment (in case of fraud suspicion).
  • Validation of a payment from Magento backend.
  • Ability to cancel a payment in iframe mode.
  • Ability to disable shopping cart data if not mandatory for the payment.
2.3.2 10/12/2018

New features

  • SHA-256 Label for the signature algorithm replaced by HMAC-SHA-256
  • Sends the phone number registered in the customer account in the vads_cust_cell_phone field (required for some payment methods).
  • Update of logos for several payment methods.
  • Saving the UUID in the order payment details.
  • Added Spanish translations.
  • Modification of the notice concerning the transition to production mode on the return page.
  • Error Message on Improved Failure Payment.

Bug fixes

  • Retrieves the selected payment method, when the payment method selection on the merchant site is activated.
2.3.1 12/07/2018 New features
  • Signature algorithm in SHA-256 by default.
  • Ignore the spaces at the beginning or at the end of the returned certificates when computing the signature.
2.3.0 23/05/2018 New features
  • Addition of the "Signature algorithm" field to allow the selection of SHA-256 algorithm.
2.1.4 12/03/2018 Bug fixes
  • Adding the component load order in etc/module.xml to avoid an exception during Magento installation using comand-line interface.
  • Check value type in logo uploader to avoid a PHP warning during import data from configuration files.
2.1.3 07/11/2017 New features
  • Compatibility with Magento version 2.2
2.1.2 14/08/2017 New features
  • Installment payment: the payment schedule is displayed in the transaction details.
  • Payment in a foreign currency : the amount is displayed, in the transaction details, in the merchant ID base currency.
  • The payment page can be displayed inside iFrame.
Bug fixes
  • An "Incompatible argument type" error occurred during Magento compilation.
2.1.1 24/01/2017 New features
  • Modification of the module structure in view of making it available on the Magento marketplace.
  • Modification of the vendor (lyranetwork).
Bug fixes
  • A blocking error used to appear when buyers were using their browser history to return to the shopping cart page.
2.1.0 03/11/2016 New features
  • Possibility to pay for orders created via the back office (MOTO mode).
  • Possibility to make full or partial refunds via the back office (API web services V5).
  • Addition of the "Ticket EcoChèque" card type.
  • Removal of format controls for test and production certificates.
Bug fixes
  • The version of the CMS was no longer correctly detected via Magento 2.1.
  • Notification URLs were no longer correctly displayed via Magento 2.1
  • During payments in installments, the selection of the payment option no longer worked in Magento 2.1
2.0.1 01/06/2016 New features
  • Improvement of the administration panel display.
  • Improvement of the log system and of the error format.
  • Update of the translation file in German.
Bug fixes
  • Activation of the module used to block order creation via the backend.
  • In multi-store mode, the buyers were not redirected to the right shop after the payment.
  • After saving the module configuration, if the cache was not refreshed, a new click on the "Save" button used to provoke a JS error.
  • The capture delay was not taken into account if it was set to 0 days in the sub-modules.
  • The event order_cancel_after used to be not sent upon cancellation of an order.
  • Verification of the validity of the selected currency prior to verification of the base currency.
  • The virtual methods for multiple payments (payzen_multi_Nx) are no longer deleted and then recreated when the module configuration is saved.
2.0.0 11/03/2016 Initial version.

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