Release notes

Version Date Comments
1.10 30/07/2019 New features
  • Addition of the Embedded payment fields (REST API) feature.
  • Payment by token activated via REST API.
  • Addition of a customizable submodule for all payment methods (Other submodules).
  • Save the SEPA tokens separately from card tokens.
  • The feature of bank data acquisition on the merchant website has been removed.
  • Ability to disable shopping cart data if not mandatory for the payment.
  • The Lyranetwork folder of the module has been renamed to Lyra.
  • Use of the latest version of the PrototypeJS library.
1.9.4 22/05/2019 Bug fixes
  • Regression in verification of supported currencies, some sub-modules no longer appear.
1.9.3 10/05/2019 New features
  • Cart data is not sent if the cart contains over 85 items.
  • Translations updated.
  • The username and the IP address are available in the “history” tab of the PayZen Back Office when an operation is made via the CMS (cancellation, refund, etc.).
  • Error message added in case of a refund for an unpaid transaction.
  • Improvements of currency check, in order to be compatible with third-party modules and the One Page checkout of Magento.
Bug fixes
  • Fatal error in the order details when the payment is rejected with code 30 (format error).
  • Problem with translations and performance.
1.0 12/10/2011

Initial version

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