Release notes

Version Date Comments
1.6.1 4/5/2016 New features
  • New option available in the data acquisition mode: Payment in an iframe
  • Possibility to specify the CSS to apply for the standard payment when "Payment in an iframe" is enabled.
  • Fill the shopping cart in case of a failed payment
  • Added a warning message if the size of the configuration data to be saved is greater than the maximum value defined in the PHP server configuration.
Bug fixes
  • Overload of the Order Magento class to avoid a problem of status with the Oney orders in Magento EE.

  • The ORDER_CANCEL_AFTER event was not called during an order cancellation.
1.6.0 28-Oct-2015 New features
  • 1-Click Payment (requires subscription to the option Payment by identifier).
  • Possibility to force commercial options to be used during a FacilyPay payment.
  • Addition of a catalog category within an item label during a FacilyPay payment.

  • Possibility to configure the capture delay and the validation mode for each sub-module.

  • Advanced risk assessment module configuration (RISK ASSESSMENT) with the possibility to validate a "suspicious" transaction via the Magento Back Office (requires subscription to the option Payment by Web Services).

Bug fixes
  • Taking into account of the shop configuration during a payment made via the Back Office.

1.5.4 13-Jul-2015 New features
  • Since the release of PayZen version 2.4, the amounts are no longer systematically checked The details of the shopping cart will therefore be sent once again regardless of the payment type.
  • The amount of taxes and shipping fees will be sent again for PayPal payments.
  • In order to facilitate module configuration, product names can be modified on the fly during order validation in accordance with the Oney regex.

  • Taking into account of the Magento configuration scope for shipping options and product categories.

  • Possibility to select several authorized countries in the Sofort configuration.

  • Dependent options are masked for a more lightweight module configuration.

  • Registration of the 3D Secure authentication result in order details

  • Registration of the risk assessment result in order details.

  • Possibility to validate/reject the order via the Back Office in case of risk of fraud.

  • Addition of English translation of platform responses

  • Dynamic translation of platform responses in order details.

  • Detection of the operating mode and display of a specific message concerning the Instant Payment Notification URL

Bug fixes
  • Correction of the SSL status verification before allowing activation of card data entry on the merchant website

  • Certain options were still available by changing the configuration scope
  • In case of detected fraud, downloadable products were available

  • The detection of suspected fraud is now based on the analysis of the vads_risk_control field.
  • In Magento 1.9, logos were no more right-aligned during checkout.
  • Correction of various warnings and alerts during the return to the shop.

  • Correction of PT and DE translations.

1.5.3 5/20/2015 Bug fixes
  • The use of loyalty points used to cause rejection of the payment form (paymentForm Error: 108 – Tax_amount) Shopping cart details are no more sent in order to avoid this problem.
  • When several payment methods were associated with the same order (e.g. using the MDN module), the order table could not be displayed. From now on, the module will display the name of the first payment method it detects.
1.5.2 4/2/2015 Bug fixes
  • Removal of a test code that allows to create up to 300 categories during module installation
  • Online product orders are now correctly registered under the "Complete" status
  • The use of a discount voucher for a PayPal payment used to cause rejection of the payment form (paymentForm Error: 108 – Tax_amount). Discounts are now applied to the product cost or to shipping fees depending on the configuration in Magento
1.5.1 3/2/2015 New features
  • Taking into account the UNDER_VERIFICATION status for PayPal transactions
1.5 18-Feb-2015 New features
  • Addition of the Sofort Banking Payment method
  • Possibility to set restrictions for various payment methods depending on client groups

Bug fixes
  • In case of a failed order, the new shopping cart used to be registered twice in the database

  • In multi-shop mode, in case of a failed order, the shopping cart used to be empty (except for the main shop)
  • The items in the shopping cart used to be incorrectly loaded in Magento versions 1.5 and lower (Fatal error: Call to a member function getCategoryIds() on a non-object).
  • During a PayPal payment, the total amount is different from the sum of the amounts of the items in the shopping cart
  • Display of payment method names (instead of codes) in the "Payment method" column of the order list displayed in the Magento Back Office.

Version Date Comments
1.4.1 10/20/2014 New features
  • The ALL selection has been made available once again in the list of available card types
  • Addition of a check box that allows the merchant to indicate whether he/she is using a contract FacilyPay (required if the selected card type is ALL)
  • The configuration of categories has been enabled for all payment types
  • Modification of the PayPal logo.
1.4 16-Jun-2014 New features
  • Addition of the FacilyPay Oney payment method
  • Addition of the PayPal payment method.
  • Log activation from the module configuration panel.
  • Taking the risk assessment into account and changing the status of suspicious orders to "Suspected fraud"

Bug fixes
  • Shifting virtual product orders' status to PROCESSING did not use to be automatic.

1.3 12/3/2013 New features
  • Addition of the 3xCB Cofinoga payment method
  • Possibility to pay via the Magento Back Office
  • Refund via the Back Office for payments with CB and 3xCB Cofinoga
  • Possibility to upload a custom card thumbnail
1.2 23-Apr-2013 Module architecture overhaul
  • PHP5 compatibility
  • Compliance with Zend and Magento standards
  • Compatibility with Magento versions CE 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.

New features
  • Split payment

  • Installment payment
  • Payment by gift card
  • Selective 3D Secure depending on the order amount.
  • Choice of card type on the merchant website.
  • Card data entry on the merchant website
  • Evolution of the update process.
  • Addition of the reset button.
1.1 09-Aug-2012 New features
  • Modification of the class and API name.

Bug fixes
  • Correction of invoice generation in order to correctly display items in a packaged product

1.0b 14-Dec-2011 New features
  • Modification of the "Accepted card types" field.
1.0a 09-Dec-2011 Bug fixes
  • Removal of shipping method selection for downloadable products.

1.0 12-Oct-2011 Initial version.