History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
2.5 Lyra Network 11/23/2015

Additional information about token shared between several legal entities.

2.4 Lyra Network 8/28/2015
  • Initial version in DITA format.
  • Modification of payment pages (responsive).
  • Addition of use case S9 – Payment with update of payment method details.

Data dictionary

  • vads_bank_product : update of product codes list for bank cards of CB type.
  • vads_risk_analysis_result : values added.
2.3 Lyra Network 6/5/2014 Addition of use case S8 – Payment with optional cardholder registration.
2.2c Lyra Network 6/24/2013
  • Addition of the definition of the vads_effective_creation_date field.
  • Precisions for error codes related to the signature field.
  • Update of the list of authorization return codes.
  • Addition of the Swedish language.
  • Addition of the possibility to set up notification rules.
2.2b Lyra Network 11/22/2012 Complete document overhaul.

Several precisions made.

2.2a Lyra Network 9/27/2012 Correction of variable name in chapter 1.3.
2.2 Lyra Network 5/29/2012
  • Information about payment by ID completed.
  • Update of language codes for the variable vads_languages.
  • Update of the list of payment methods.
  • Update of currency codes.
  • Addition of the function MULTI_EXT for the variable vads_payment_config.
2.1 Lyra Network 9/28/2010 Addition of the use case S7.

Precisions made.

2.0 Lyra Network 4/8/2010 Initial version.

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