History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
3.4 Lyra Network 19/12/2018
  • Rewrite of chapter Analyzing the payment result
  • Creation of a "Verification" transaction when requesting an update or creation tokens without payment.
  • Data dictionary:
    • Addition of the vads_bank_label field
    • Addition of the vads_tax_rate field
    • Addition of the vads_pretax_amount field
    • Addition of the vads_totalamount_vat field
    • Addition of the vads_wallet field
    • Update of the vads_ship_to_legal_name field description.
    • Update of the vads_payment_src field description.
    • Update of the values of the vads_bank_product field
    • Update of the vads_tax_amount field description.
    • New value for the vads_trans_status : ACCEPTED field
3.3 Lyra Network 27/11/2018
  • Addition of dedicated chapter containing the list of compatible payment methods.
  • Remove references to use cases S1, S2, S3, etc
  • Use of the term Token instead of Buyer ID.
  • Update of the vads_subscription field description.
  • Creation of a "Verification" transaction when requesting an update or creation tokens without payment.
3.2 Lyra Network 07/11/2018
  • Addition of a note on taking into account 2 algorithms when changing an algorithm.
  • Data dictionary
    • vads_ext_info_bil_date_of_birth and vads_ext_info_ship_date_of_birth: update of descriptions
    • vads_iframe_options: addition of field description
    • vads_override_payment_cinematic: update of values
    • vads_payment_cards: correction of theTRUFFAUT_CDX value
    • vads_product_ext_id: addition of field description
    • vads_requestor: addition of field description
    • vads_sequence_number: additional details on payment using several attempts.
3.1 Lyra Network 17/08/2018
Addition of chapters
  • Creating a token via the Merchant Back Office
  • Updating a token via the Merchant Back Office
  • Invalidating a token via the Merchant Back Office
  • Instant Payment Notification URL on an operation coming from the Merchant Back Office
  • Choosing your preferred brand

Update of the Identifying the use cases chapter

Update of the titles of chapters S1 to S9

Update of the Computing the signature chapter.

Data dictionary
  • vads_payment_action: update of titles
  • vads_payment_cards: update of values
  • vads_payment_error: addition of new codes
  • vads_theme_config: addition of the valuesREGISTER_ON_PAYMENT, 3DS_LOGOS and FORM_TARGET
  • vads_contracts: update of description and possible values
3.0 Lyra Network 27/06/2018
  • Update of tables in chapters on creating a form (S1 to S9)
  • Update of the Computing the signature chapter.
  • Update of the chapter Managing errors: addition of messages for frequent errors
  • Addition of the chapter Overriding the custom template
  • Data dictionary
    • Update of the vads_product_label field format
    • Addition of the vads_token_id field
    • Update of the definition and the values of the vads_theme_config field
    • Update of the vads_sequence_number field definition
2.9 Lyra Network 26/06/2018
  • Update of the chapter Identifying yourself when exchanging with the payment gateway: alphanumeric key (certificate)
  • Update of the chapter Computing the signature: computation algorithm
  • Update of the chapter Managing errors: addition of messages for frequent errors
  • Data dictionary
    • Addition of vads_avs_result
    • Addition of vads_brand_management
    • Format update of vads_acquirer_transient_data
    • Format update of vads_payment_seq
    • Addition of vads_url_post_wallet
    • vads_currency: update of the list of supported currencies
    • Addition of vads_avs_result
    • vads_currency: update of the list of supported currencies
    • vads_first_installment_delay: update of the definition
    • vads_ext_info: improvement of field definition
    • vads_risk_assessment_results: improvement of field definition
    • Correction of a field name error: vads_url_refused instead of vads_url_refusal
    • Addition of the vads_cust_address2 field
2.8 Lyra Network 16/01/2018

Addition of a note on rejected authorizations in chapters S1 to S9.

2.7 Lyra Network 03/07/2017

Update of "Defining a different amount for the first n installments" chapter

Data dictionary
  • Update of the vads_sub_init_amount and vads_sub_amount fields
  • Update of the vads_theme_config field
2.6 Lyra Network 08/03/2017 vads_payment_cards: addition of PAYPAL andPAYPAL_SB as possible values
2.5 Lyra Network 23/11/2015

Additional information on sharing identifiers between several legal entities.

2.4 Lyra Network 28/08/2015
  • Initial version in DITA format.
  • Modification of payment pages (responsive).
  • Addition of use case S9 – Update of card details with payment.

Data dictionary

  • vads_bank_product: update of the list list of product codes for a card of CB type.
  • vads_risk_analysis_result: addition of values.
2.3 Lyra Network 05/06/2014 Addition of use case S8 – Payment with optional subscription of the holder.
2.2c Lyra Network 24/06/2013
  • Addition of field definition for vads_effective_creation_date.
  • Addition of details on error codes related to the signature field
  • Update of the list of authorization return codes
  • Addition of the Swedish language
  • Addition of configuration of notification rules
2.2b Lyra Network 22/11/2012 Complete overhaul of the document.

Addition of several new details.

2.2a Lyra Network 27/09/2012 Correction of variable name in chapter 1.3.
2.2 Lyra Network 29/05/2012
  • Addition of details on payment by identifier.
  • Update of language codes for the vads_languages variable.
  • Update of the list of payment methods.
  • Update of currency codes.
  • Addition of the MULTI_EXT function for the vads_payment_config variable.
2.1 Lyra Network 28/09/2010 Addition of the use case S7.

Addition of details.

2.0 Lyra Network 08/04/2010 Initial version.

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