History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
3.9 Lyra Network 05/05/2020
  • Additional information on the attempts made by the payment gateway in case of activation of anticipated authorizations.
  • Additional details on payment creation in case of an expired payment method or purged payment data.
  • Update of configuration of notification rules.
3.8 Lyra Network 21/10/2019
  • Update of compatible payment methods.
  • Addition of a chapter on the payment guarantee during a payment by token.
  • Update of the description of the vads_sub_desc field in the Generating a payment form chapter.
3.7 Lyra Network 8/5/2019
  • The hash algorithm is now available via Settings > Shop, Keys tab.
  • Addition of the vads_identifier field as an input parameter when creating a token.
  • Addition of the Risk analysis details category in the Data dictionary.
  • Addition of the XOF currency.
  • vads_threeds_auth_type: the field is always present in the response and can be empty.
  • The hash algorithm is now available via Settings > Shop, Keys tab.
  • Additional information provided on the computation of the IPN signature.
  • Additional information provided on the format of the vads_trans_date and vads_presentation_date fields.
  • Additional information provided on the format of the fields: vads_product_label, vads_cust_zip, vads_order_id, vads_cust_first_name, vads_cust_last_name, vads_cust_phone, vads_cust_cell_phone, vads_cust_id, vads_cust_city, vads_cust_address.
  • vads_auth_result: correction of field format (an..11)
  • vads_contracts: Possibility to force the Terminal ID to be used.
3.6 Lyra Network 5/22/2019

Clarifications provided on the methods of creation and termination of recurring payments via web services.

Data dictionary: update of vads_trans_date.

3.5 Lyra Network 3/26/2019
  • Addition of a clarification on the deletion on data in the chapter Managing payments by identifier.
  • Addition of the time of recurring payment creation in the chapter Managing payments by identifier.
  • Update of screenshots in chapters Creating a token in Test mode and Creating a token in Production mode.
  • Update of screenshots in Creating a recurring payment via the Merchant Back Office
  • Addition of the chapter Defining the currency for creating or updating a token.
  • Update of the table of parameters in the chapter Creating a “Payment with the token creation option for the cardholder” form.
  • Data dictionary:
    • Clarification added about the format of the vads_product_qty field.
    • Addition of the vads_presentation_date field in the Transaction details section.
    • Clarification added about the format of the vads_identifier field.
    • Clarification added about the format of the vads_subscription field.
    • Removal of the fields vads_ext_info_donation, vads_ext_info_donation_recipient, vads_ext_info_donation_recipient_name, vads_ext_info_donation_merchant, vads_ext_info_donation_contribution and vads_risk_primary_warranty.
3.4 Lyra Network 19/12/2018
  • Rewrite of chapter Analyzing the payment result
  • Creation of a “Verification” transaction when requesting an update or creation tokens without payment.
  • Data dictionary:
    • Addition of the vads_bank_label field.
    • Addition of the vads_tax_rate field.
    • Addition of the vads_pretax_amount field.
    • Addition of the vads_totalamount_vat field.
    • Addition of the vads_wallet field.
    • Update of the vads_ship_to_legal_name field description.
    • Update of the vads_payment_src field description.
    • Update of the values of the vads_bank_product field.
    • Update of the vads_tax_amount field description.
    • New value for the vads_trans_status : ACCEPTED field.

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