Using additional functions

To obtain a customized form, you can use some optional features from the list below:

  • Configuring the capture mode (validation mode)
  • Transmitting buyer details (title, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Transmitting shipping details (address, etc.),
  • Transmitting order details (reference, shopping cart, etc.)
  • Enabling or disabling 3D Secure
  • Defining the Merchant ID (MID) to use for the payment
  • Customizing the elements of the payment page
  • Overriding the instant payment notification (IPN)
  • Managing the URLs to return to the merchant website
  • Enabling an automatic return to the merchant website at the end of payment
  • Processing a payment without redirection to the payment page

These functions are described in the following chapters. These chapters will help you easily create a payment form.