Adding a Sofort account in the Merchant Back Office

Once successfully registered with Sofort, you must configure your Sofort account in your Merchant Back Office. This will allow you to integrate this payment method into the payment page of your merchant website.

  1. Select Company in the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Merchant IDs tab.
  3. Click the Create a Merchant ID (MID) button.
    The Selection of Merchant ID type dialog box appears.
  4. Select SOFORT
    The merchant ID creation assistant opens.
  5. Fill in the Merchant ID, the Project ID and the API Key.
    Their values can be found via your Sofort interface in the PROJECTS > My projects)
    The "Merchant ID" corresponds to the "Customer number".
  6. Select the "Sale country" that will be used as default country for payments.
    This value can be overridden in the payment form, using the vads_cust_country field.
  7. Select the mode (TEST or PRODUCTION) as it is defined in your Sofort project.
    You can change this value at any time.
  8. Click Terminate.
Once the Merchant ID has been created, click the “Associate with a shop” button and associate it with a shop of your choosing.