Adding a new project from your Sofort merchant area

A project allows the merchant to configure all the information concerning:
  • the shop,
  • the bank account details,
  • the mode (test or production) for the payment gateway.

To create a project:

  1. In the Projects menu, select New project.
    The project type selection page appears.

    Figure 1. Project type selection.
  2. Select Gateway project.
  3. Click on Create project.
    The new project creation page appears.

    You will be asked to fill in various details :
    • General settings
      1. Fill in the name of your store.
      2. Select PayZen e- & m-payment to specify your shop system.
      3. Select your business sector from the list.
      4. Enter the URL of your website.
    • Address
      1. Select your Salutation (Company, Mr. or Mrs.).
      2. Enter the name of your company or your first and last name.
      3. Enter your address (Street, Post code, City and Country).
    • Bank account
      1. Enter the bank account holder's name.
      2. Enter the IBAN.
      3. Enter the Bank name.
    • Settings for all payment methods

      This type of information is optional.

      We recommend not to fill in this information.

      The information entered in the Merchant Back Office will be used.

    • Payment method
      1. Check the Sofort box.
      2. Click on Options to display the general product settings.

        Figure 2. Configuring the Sofort payment method options
      3. Select the mode for soliciting the payment gateway :
        • Test : for making test transactions.
        • Production : for making real transactions. To do this, uncheck Test mode.
          Note :
          The value of the vads_ctx_mode field of the PayZenform must match with the field value of the Sofort interface. f the values do not match, the payment is declined.
      4. Make sure that the Sender country locked box is not checked.

        The buyer will thus be able to choose both country and bank once redirected to SOFORT Banking.

  4. click on Save.