Allows to set the status of the transaction.

Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format enum
Possible values
Table 1. Values associated with the vads_trans_status field
Value Description

payment abandoned by the buyer.

The transaction has not been created, and therefore cannot be viewed in the Merchant Back Office.

ACCEPTED Accepted.

Status of a VERIFICATION type transaction for which the authorization request or information request has been successfully completed.

This status can not evolve.

Transactions with "ACCEPTED" will never be captured.


Waiting for capture

The transaction has been accepted and will be automatically captured at the bank on the expected date.


To be validated

The transaction, created with manual validation, is authorized. The merchant must manually validate the transaction in order for it to be captured.

The transaction can be validated as long as the expiration date of the authorization request has not passed. If the authorization validity period has passed, the payment status changes to EXPIRED. The Expired status is final.



The transaction has been canceled by the merchant.



The transaction has been captured by the bank.


The transaction capture has failed.

Contact the technical support.



The expiry date of the authorization request has passed and the merchant has not validated the transaction. The account of the cardholder will, therefore, not be debited.


This status concerns all the payment methods that require integration via a payment form with redirection.

This status is returned when:
  • no response has been returned by the acquirer


  • the delay of the response from the acquirer has exceeded the payment session on the payment gateway.

    This status is temporary. The final status will be displayed in the Merchant Back Office immediately after the synchronization has been completed.


Transaction not created

The transaction has not been created, and therefore cannot be viewed in the Merchant Back Office.



Transaction is declined.


The capture of the transaction is temporarily blocked by the acquirer (AMEX GLOBAL or SECURE TRADING). Once the transaction has been correctly captured, its status changes to CAPTURED.


For PayPal transactions, this value means that PayPal withholds the transaction for suspected fraud.

The payment will remain in the Transactions in progress tab until the verification process has been completed. The transaction will then take one of the following statuses: AUTHORISED or CANCELED.

A notification will be sent to the merchant to warn them about the status change (Instant Payment Notification on batch change).

WAITING_AUTHORISATION Waiting for authorization

The capture delay exceeds the authorization validity period.


To be validated and authorized

The capture delay in the bank exceeds the authorization validity period.

An authorization of 1 EUR (or information request about the CB network if the acquirer supports it) has been accepted.

The merchant must manually validate the transaction for the authorization request and the capture to occur.

Category Transaction details.