Description Mandatory parameter used for creating a subscription.

It designates the subscription rule to be applied.

The expected value for this parameter is a chain of characters that comply with the iCalendar (Internet Calendar) specification, described in RFC5545 (see

Among other aspects, this specification allows to define complex subscription rules via the RRULE property.

For technical reasons, it is not possible to define subscription periods that are shorter than one day.

The keywords "SECONDLY" / "MINUTELY" / "HOURLY" are not taken into account.

  • To program installment payments taking place on the last day of each month for 12 months, the rule is:


    This rule means that if the current month does not have 31 days, the machine will take the 30th into account. If the 30th does not exist, the machine will take the 29th into account, and so on until the 28th.

    Another version of this rule: RRULE:FREQ=MONTHLY;COUNT=5;BYMONTHDAY=-1

  • To program installment payments on the 10th of each month for 12 months, the rule is: RRULE:FREQ=MONTHLY;COUNT=12;BYMONTHDAY=10

  • To program installment payments every three months up to December 31st, 2016. RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;BYMONTHDAY=-1;BYMONTH=1,4,7,10;UNTIL=20161231

    The installment payments will be due on the first day of January, April, July and October each year. The total number of installments depends on the subscription start date (see vads_sub_effect_date parameter).

    For more information and examples, visit

Input and output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format string
Error code 64
Category Subscription details