Description Field returned in the response.

Returns the result of the risk management process performed by an external system (ClearSale, CyberSource, etc.).

Returned in the instant notification URL (also called IPN) and in return parameters.

Format ans
Possible values  
Table 1. Values associated with vads_risk_analyzis_result common to all types of risks analyzers
Values common to all types of risks analyzers
INVALID_CREDENCIAL Configuration problem of the risk analyzer contract.
DATA_PROCESSING_PROBLEM Problem while processing the request data.

Order information missing.


Shipping information missing.


Shipping address information missing.

MISSING_MANDATORY_BILLING_INFO Billing information missing.


Billing information missing.

Payment method information missing.


Buyer information missing.

Table 2. Values associated with vads_risk_analyzis_result - ClearSale
APA Automatically approved The transaction is automatically approved according to the defined parameters.
APM Manually approved - order manually approved by analyst's decision The transaction is manually approved by an analyst.
RPM Reproved with no suspect The order is reproved due to missing information related to the buyer in conformity with the policy in force.
AMA Waiting for manual analysis - order is in a queue waiting for analysis Waiting for manual analysis. The order is waiting to be analyzed.
ERR Error Error
NVO New order - order waiting for score New order. Waiting to be processed and classified.
SUS Suspended order - order suspended by fraud suspicion Order manually suspended. The order is suspended for suspected fraud.

Canceled - order canceled by user

Order canceled. The order has been canceled by the buyer.
FRD Order confirmed as a fraud Fraud confirmed by the credit card operator or the cardholder.
RPA Automatically reproved based on parameters within risk analyzer Order automatically reproved. The order is reproved based on the parameters of the external risk analyzer.
RPP Automatically reproved based customer or ClearSale policy Order automatically reproved. The order is reproved based on the customer or ClearSale policy.
Table 3. Values associated with vads_risk_analyzis_result - Cybersource
100 SUCCESS The transaction is successfully completed.
101 MISSING_FIELDS The transaction has been declined. One or more parameters are missing.
102 INVALID_FIELDS The transaction has been declined. One or more parameters contain invalid data.
151 SERVER_TIME_OUT Error. The request was received but the time limit has been exceeded. This error does not include timeouts between the client and the server.
152 SERVICE_TIME_OUT Error. The request was received but a service was not completed in time.
202 CARD_EXPIRED Declined. Card expired.


Declined. Invalid card number.
234 ACCOUNT_PROBLEM Declined. A problem occurred with the merchant CyberSource configuration.
400 FRAUD_SCORE_TOO_HIGH Declined. The score of the fraud exceeds the tolerance.
480 SUCCESS_TO_REVIEW The order is marked and needs to be reviewed by the Decision Manager.
481 SUCCESS_TO_REJECT The order has been declined by Decision Manager.
Category Transaction details.