Presents a list with a merchant contract to use for each acceptance network.

Format NETWORK1=contract1;NETWORK2=contract2;NETWORK3=contract3
Error code 62
Possible values The possible networks are:
Value Description
ACCORD Banque Accord network (private and gift cards)
ACCORD_SANDBOX Banque Accord network (private and gift cards) - Sandbox mode
AMEX American Express
AURORE Cetelem Aurore network (Brand cards and universal Aurore card)
CB CB network (Visa, MasterCard, CB, e-CB, Maestro, Visa Electron)
CDGP CDGP network (Privilege card)
CERIDIAN Ceridian network (gift card)
COF3XCB 3xCB Cofinoga network
COF3XCB_SB 3xCB Cofinoga network - Sandbox mode
COFINOGA Cofinoga network (Be Smart and brand cards)
E_CV ANCV network
GATECONEX Gateconex network (Visa, MasterCard, CB, Maestro, Visa Electron, Diners)
GICC_MAESTRO GICC network (Maestro card)
GICC_MASTERCARD GICC network (MasterCard)
GICC_VISA GICC network (VISA card)
GIROPAY Giropay network
JCB JCB network
KLARNA Klarna network
ONEY Oney network
ONEY_SANDBOX Oney network - Sandbox mode
PAYPAL PayPal network
PAYPAL_SB PayPal network - Sandbox mode
PAYSAFECARD Paysafecard network
POSTFINANCE Postfinance network
SEPA SEPA network (DSS and SCT)
SOFORT Sofort network

For instance, if you have a second distant sale contract with a 12312312 number in your bank and you wish to register a credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard) for a specific order for this contract, you will need to populate vads_contracts as follows:


Note: this parameter is optional and is only used when you have several e-commerce contracts within the same network and when you wish to select a different contract depending on the payment. If this parameter is not populated or absent, the payment will be registered for your default merchant contract.

Category Information about the transaction.