Transaction details

Table 1. Parameter list - Transaction details
Field name Format Description
vads_amount n..12 The amount of the transaction presented in the smallest unit of the currency (cent for Euro).
vads_auth_mode string (enum) Specifies the mode of the authorization request.
vads_auth_number an..6 Authorization number returned by the bank server.
vads_auth_result n2 Return code of the authorization request returned by the issuing bank.
vads_capture_delay n..3 Delay (in days) before the payment is captured.
vads_change_rate string Exchange rate used to calculate the effective payment amount (multi-currency payment).
vads_contract_used ans..250 Merchant contract used.
vads_contracts NETWORK1=contract1;


The contract to use for the payment.
vads_currency n3 Code of the currency to use for the payment.
vads_effective_amount n..12 The amount of the payment presented in the smallest unit of the currency (cent for Euro) used for the capture.
vads_effective_creation_date n14 Date of transaction registration in UTC format (GMT+0, 24H) (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS).
vads_operation_type string (enum) Allows to differentiate a debit from a credit (refund).
vads_payment_cards type1;type2 List of the payment methods proposed to the buyer.
vads_payment_certificate an40 The value of this field is populated by the payment gateway if the authorization has been successfully completed.
vads_payment_config string (enum) Payment type: immediate or installment.
vads_payment_option_code string Allows to specify the code of the chosen option.
vads_payment_seq json Split payment description.
vads_payment_src string (enum) Payment source.
vads_risk_analyzer_result ans Returns the result of the risk management process performed by an external system (ClearSale, CyberSource, etc.).
vads_risk_assessment_result ans Returns the result of the risk assessment performed by the payment gateway.
vads_risk_control control1=result1;


List of risk management processes.
vads_sequence_number n Sequence (installment) number of the transaction.
vads_trans_date n14

Date and time in UTC format (GMT+0, 24H) (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS).

vads_trans_id n6 Unique transaction ID.
vads_trans_status string (enum) Transaction status.
vads_trans_uuid ans32 Unique transaction ID generated by the payment gateway.
vads_validation_mode string (enum) Transaction validation mode.
vads_warranty_result string (enum) Transfer of responsibility in case the payment has been accepted.