Technical details

Table 1. Parameter list - Technical details
Field name Format Description
signature an40 Permits to check the integrity of the request.
vads_action_mode string (enum) Defines the acquisition mode of the credit card details.
vads_contrib ans..128 Indicates the name of the plugin used during the payment (Joomla, osCommerce, etc.).
vads_ctx_mode string (enum) Defines the mode of interaction with the payment gateway.
vads_extra_result n2 Optional code of the response. Its meaning depends on the value entered in vads_result.
vads_hash an64

A unique key sent only within the IPN.

vads_page_action string (enum) Defines the action to be performed.
vads_payment_error n..3 Error code for declined payments.
vads_result n2 General return code of the payment outcome.
vads_site_id n8 Shop ID.
vads_url_check ans..127 URL of the page to notify at the end of payment. Overrides the value entered in the notification settings.
vads_url_check_src string (enum) This parameter defines the source of the call of the notification URL (also called IPN URL).
vads_version string Version of the exchange protocol with the payment gateway.