Shipping details

Table 1. Parameter list - Shipping details
Field name Format Description
vads_ship_to_city an..128 City.
vads_ship_to_country a2 Country code in compliance with the ISO 3166 standard.
vads_ship_to_delivery_company_name ans..127 Transporter's name.
vads_ship_to_district ans..127 District.
vads_ship_to_first_name ans..63 First name.
vads_ship_to_last_name ans..63 Last name.
vads_ship_to_legal_name an..100 Legal name of the shipping place.
vads_ship_to_name ans..63 Buyer's last name.
vads_ship_to_phone_num ans..32 Phone number.
vads_ship_to_speed string (enum) Shipping mode
vads_ship_to_state ans..127 State / Region.
vads_ship_to_status string (enum) Status (private / company).
vads_ship_to_street ans..255 Postal address.
vads_ship_to_street_number an..5 Street number.
vads_ship_to_street2 ans..255 Second line of the address.
vads_ship_to_type string (enum) Shipping type.
vads_ship_to_user_info ans..255 Buyer details (CPF / CNPJ legal identifier).
vads_ship_to_zip an..64 Zip code.