In order to use this payment method, the merchant must:

  • Have a SEPA Creditor Identifier (ICS). If it is not the case, the merchant sends a request to his or her acquirer Lyra Network (acting as a creditor bank).
  • Sign the SEPA CORE direct debit agreement via Lyra Network,
  • Select the SEPA Direct Debit option in the SOGECOMMERCE agreement and select, if it is not already enabled, the “payment by token” option(1)
  • Select the “ Bank reconciliationReports” option in PayZen to view the details of the captured SEPA direct debit transactions credited to his or her bank account,
  • Select the “Chargebacks reconciliationReports” option in PayZen in order to view the SEPA direct debit chargebacks issued by the user banks and debited from his or her account,
  • If the merchant desires to submit his or her payment orders using a file, have an FTP account: if it is not the case, create an FTP account via the “file exchange” form of the SOGECOMMERCE agreement(2).

1: The “payment by token” option, optional for card payments, is mandatory for the proper functioning of the SEPA Direct Debit option in case of recurring payments.

  • It allows to store SEPA direct debit mandates in an e-wallet in order to use them for future payments.
  • It also allows to implement a subscription in order to issue direct debit orders when the amount is fixed and the payment schedule is specified.

2: This “file exchange” service is also implemented in order to issue SEPA direct debit orders by payment form in case of a subscription with flexible amounts and/or due dates.


  • Refunds of SEPA direct debits can be specified via the merchant Back Office and are later transmitted by PayZen to Lyra Network, in the form of SEPA transfers: Lyra Network executes these captures of SEPA transfers that will appear as such when the merchant bank account is debited.
  • Lyra Network transmits to PayZen the SEPA direct debit chargebacks previously submitted by debtors’ (users’) banks. The SEPA direct debit chargebacks will then be submitted to merchants via chargeback logs and will be visible in the Merchant Back Office.

  • Thus, the merchant does not need to enable any bank communication tools via Lyra Network when issuing SEPA direct debits via PayZen.