Identifying information required for the mandate

The SEPA mandate contains the following elements:

  • The type of direct debit of the mandate: one-off or recurring.
  • The UMR (Unique Mandate Reference): unique reference that identifies each signed mandate.
  • The coordinates (name) of the debtor.
  • The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the debtor: the account number serves to reliably identify the recipient of a transfer or a direct debit.
    The BIC (Business Identifier Code) that used to complete the IBAN during identification has become optional.
  • The coordinates (name and address) of the creditor.
  • The ICS (SEPA Creditor Identifier) of the creditor: a unique code that identifies each company with a permission to make direct debits. The ICS is assigned by the Banque de France via a financial institution.
  • The date of mandate signature.
  • The signature of the debtor authorized by his or her bank to operate the account where the direct debits take place.

Figure 1. Example of a direct debit mandate form