Generating a request for an automatic payment via direct debit

A request for an automatic payment via direct debit consists in registering a recurring mandate and configuring the characteristics of a recurring payment (amounts, frequency, etc.).

Mandate registration is made only via a payment form.

To use a form you must:
  • establish interaction with the payment platform (see chapter Establishing interaction with the payment gateway),
  • generate and send the completed form (see chapters Generating a payment form and Sending the payment request),
  • analyze the response (see chapter Analyzing the payment outcome).

To set up a recurring payment, depending on your needs, you may choose one of the following options:

Recurring payment with fixed amounts and due dates.

In this case, the fields of the mandate registration form will be filled in with the values defined in the recurring payment.

Recurring payment with flexible amounts and/or due dates.

In this case, once the mandate form is registered, use a file sharing service to proceed to direct debits.

The file transfer process consists of four steps: