Data dictionary

The fields and their formats are listed in tables:

  • Name: indicates the name of the parameter as it appears in the HTTP request.
  • Format: indicates the data format as follows:
    Table 1. List of fields and formats
    Data type Description
    a Alphabetical characters (from 'A' to 'Z' and from 'a' to 'z')
    n Digital characters
    s Special characters
    an Alphanumeric characters
    ans Alphanumeric and special characters
    3 The fixed length is 3 characters
    ..12 Flexible length - up to 12 characters
  • Example: represents an example of correct data encoding.
  • Error code: in case there is an error in displaying the fields between the merchant website and the payment gateway, the payment gateway indicates the incorrect parameter in the vads_extra_result field using a numerical code.


The error code is filled in when an incorrect payment form is being submitted.

  • In TEST mode, the code appears on the payment page.
  • In PRODUCTION mode, a notification message is sent stating the error code and the name of the incorrect parameter.

Example: Error 09 corresponds to an amount error. The sent amount does not respect the required format.