Creating a recurring payment

To help you write the recurring payment rules, we have provided the possibility to create recurring payments via the Merchant Back Office.

Recurring payments are created on the basis of an existing token.

  1. Select the Management > Recurring payments menu.
    During test phases, display the Management > TEST recurring payments menu.
  2. In the Token tab, select the token that will be used for creating the recurring payment.
  3. Make a right click.
  4. Click Create a recurring payment.
    You can also click the Create button at the bottom of the screen, in the List of associated recurring payments area.
    Figure 1. Recurring payment creation assistant step 1
  5. Select the shop.
  6. Select the Validation mode (Automatic or Manual).
  7. Click Next.
    Figure 2. Recurring payment creation assistant step 2
  8. Enter the start date.
  9. Enter the fixed amount and the currency of the recurring payment.
    It is possible to define additional optional parameters (Initial amount if it is different from the fixed amount and the number of installments with the initial amount).
  10. Click Next.
    Figure 3. Recurring payment creation assistant step 3
  11. Define the recurrence rule either in Simple mode, or in Advanced mode.
    If using the advanced mode, you must check the box Manual editing of the rule and enter the recurring payment rule.
    Example of the rule in advanced mode: RRULE:FREQ=MONTHLY;BYMONTHDAY=5;COUNT=3
  12. Click Next.
    A summary will appear.
  13. Click Create.