Configuring e-mails sent to the buyer

The Merchant Back Office offers the possibility to the merchant to configure e-mails sent to the buyer:

  • Confirmation e-mail of recurring payment.
  • Confirmation e-mail of payment.
  • Token creation and/or update confirmation e-mail.
  • Pre-notification e-mail of SEPA direct debit to the buyer.

To configure these e-mails:

  1. From the Merchant Back Office, go to the following menu: Settings > Notification rules.
  2. Select the E-mail sent to the buyer tab.
  3. Right click the label of an e-mail and select Enable the rule.
  4. Right click the label of an e-mail with an enabled rule and select Manage the rule.
  5. Customize the label of the rule and the address to be notified.
  6. To customize the e-mail content:
    1. Click on Buyer e-mail settings to view the “default text” of the e-mail provided for all the merchants using the payment gateway.
    2. Select the tab corresponding to the language that you wish to customize.
    3. Click on Customize default text values.
    4. Modify the text of the e-mail.
    5. Click on Fields to include to display the list of fields available for e-mail customization.
    6. Select the fields that you wish to include into the e-mail. A detailed summary of the request processing will be added to the contents of the e-mail.
    To preview the applied changes, click on Preview the e-mail at the bottom of the dialog box.
  7. In order to modify the events that trigger the notification:
    1. Click Rule conditions
      A condition is composed of a variable, a comparison operator and a reference value.
      Example: "mode = TEST", "amount exceeding 1000". During the execution of a rule, the value of a variable is retrieved and compared to the reference value.
    2. Double-click on an existing condition to modify it.
    3. Click Add to create a new condition.
      All the conditions must be validated for the rule to be executed.
  8. Click Save.