Changing the desired due date for a direct debit

By default, in the Merchant Back Office:

  • the default capture delay is set to 0 days,
  • the delay for pre-notification is set to 14 days.

With these settings:

  • The pre-notification date will be D,
  • The desired due date (capture date) will be D+14,

These settings can be modified directly in the Merchant Back Office.

They can also be overloaded in the form by setting the vads_capture_delay parameter to a value exceeding the pre-notification delay.


Table 1. Examples of values for the vads_capture_delay field
Value of the capture delay Pre-notification date Desired due date
0 D D+14
7 D D+14
15 D+1 D+15

Warning, by modifying this value you directly influence the capture date and the pre-notification date.