Analyzing the result of a one-click payment

  1. Identify the mandate that corresponds to the payment by testing the following field:
    Field Description
    vads_identifier Mandate reference (UMR)
  2. Analyze the payment result by testing the value of the vads_trans_status field
    Value Description

    Accepted, waiting for capture

    A pre-notification has been sent. The direct debit is waiting to be presented at the bank.


    payment abandoned by the buyer.

    The transaction has not been created, and therefore cannot be viewed in the Merchant Back Office.



    Status sent in case of 1 click payment when some rules have been enabled in the Risk assessment tab or when the mandate is expired.


    To be validated and authorized

    The direct debit request has been made in "manual validation" mode. The merchant must manually validate the transaction in the Merchant Back Office to authorize the transfer of the mandate to the bank.

    The pre-notification will only be sent after the transaction has been validated.

    An automatic e-mail is processed every day, several times per day (every 3 hours) that does not require any intervention on your behalf.

    The transaction can be validated as long as the expiration date of the authorization request has not passed. If the authorization validity period has passed, the payment status changes to EXPIRED. The Expired status is final.


    Waiting for authorization

    The pre-notification has not yet been sent.

    The direct debit request has been made with a capture delay greater than 14 days while the pre-notification delay in the contract is 14 days.


    To be validated and authorized

    The capture delay in the bank exceeds the authorization validity period.

    The merchant must manually validate the transaction for the authorization request and the capture to occur.

  3. Retrieve the transaction details:
    Table 1. Parameter list - Transaction details
    Field name Description
    vads_trans_id Returns the transaction identifier.
    vads_presentation_date Returns the requested due date.
    vads_amount Payment amount (in cents).
    vads_currency Numeric code of the currency (978).