Amendments of the SEPA direct debit mandate

In case the data that constitutes the SEPA mandate changes, the standard provides for the creation of amendments. This process allows to modify the information without interfering with the recurrence sequence or the need for a new mandate signature.

The following information results in amendments:

  • Creditor:
    • Modification of the UMR (Unique Mandate Reference)
    • Modification of the ICS (SEPA Creditor Identifier)
    • Modification of the legal name
  • Debtor:
    • Modification of banking details (BIC, IBAN)

The ICS or the legal name can only be modified upon request sent to the customer service. Other details can be modified via your Merchant Back Office, by calling the SEPA Web service, or by using a form (REGISTER_UPDATE method).

Regardless of the method, the changes will appear in your Merchant Back Office:
  1. Display the list of tokens in Management > Recurring payments > Tab> Tab Token
  2. Double-click the desired transaction to view the Token details.
  3. In the Details tab, click See the list of amendments