In order to use this payment method, the merchant must:

  • Conclude an EBICS T recurring payment contract with his or her bank or ask for a new EBICS user to be created for his or her existing EBICS connection.


    The EBICS TS protocol is not supported by the payment gateway.

  • Select the Payment by SEPA Direct Debit option via the gateway.
  • Communicate the ICS to the payment gateway.

  • Request the direct debit file validation process at the bank.

To receive the logs of outstanding payments by e-mail or FTP, the merchant must:
  • Subscribe to receive the list of outstanding payments at his or her bank.
  • Subscribe to the Bank reconciliation option via PayZen.

In order to implement refunds via SEPA transfers:
  • Enable the SDD, SCT and RDD flows within your EBICS connection via your bank.


The terminology used for naming the flows may differ depending on the client, the acquirer or the gateway.

Example: RDD flows = chargeback flows.

Please refer to the technical names below in order to request the right flow:
  • SDD = pain.008
  • SCT = pain.001
  • RDD = camt.054