Retrieving data at the moment of instant notification

The data is always sent by the payment platform via POST.

The transmitted information includes:

  • the vads_url_check_src field defines the applied notification rule :
    Table 1. Valuation of the vads_url_check_src field
    Value Applied rule
    PAY Instant payment notification at the end of payment.
    BO Execution of the Instant Payment Notification at the end of payment via the Merchant Back Office.

    Notification URL called during the authorization request for a payment with a “Waiting for authorization” status.

    Not applicable for one-off direct debit.


    The notification URL called for payments that are part of an installment plan (recurring payment option).

    Not applicable for one-off direct debit.

    MERCH_BO IPN called during an operation performed from the Back Office.

You must test its value to identify the nature of the notification.

  • the vads_hash field representing a unique key associated with the transaction.
These two fields will not be sent at the moment of return to the shop.