Reissuing a direct debit request

The payment gateway will not automatically re-submit a chargeback, regardless of its reason. It is up to you to determine if a new payment request must be made, taking into account the return code of the chargeback.

Payments created in this way will become new transactions, unrelated to the failed payments. Their lifecycle will be the same as for any new transaction (sending a pre-notification, calculation of delays, etc.).

In order to re-submit a direct debit request for a rejected payment, make a MOTO payment.

  1. Select the Management > Transactions menu.
  2. Click on the MOTO payment button located in the upper part of the transaction details view.
  3. Select the SEPA payment method.
  4. Enter the UMR in the token field.
  5. Populate the necessary fields to complete the payment.
    The upcoming payments will automatically use the new banking details.