History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
2.5 Lyra Network 2/8/2016
  • Additional information about the countries compatible with the SEPA payment method
  • Chapter added: Managing chargeback
2.4 Lyra Network 11/23/2015 Chapter added:
  • Setting up the notification to validate SEPA files sent to the acquirer
2.3 Lyra Network 10/1/2015 Additional information:
  • Prerequisites for SEPA credit transfer.
  • Mandate signature by e-mail.
2.2 Lyra Network 9/18/2015

Chapters updated:

  • Using iframes
  • Sending a request for a one-off direct debit
2.1 Lyra Network 7/22/2015
  • Shifting the payment gateway to version 2.4

Changes about the desired due date.

2.0 Lyra Network 3/17/2015
  • Shifting the payment gateway to version 2.3
  • Refund by wire transfer
  • Receiving logs of outstanding payments by e-mail or FTP
  • Customization of the pre-notification e-mail for SEPA direct debit in the notification center
1.0 Lyra Network


Initial version

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) - One-Off

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