Processing data specific to a PostFinance payment method

The IPN URL will contain the following information:
  1. Identify the payment result by retrieving the value of the vads_trans_status field.
    Field name Description Value
    vads_trans_status Payment status The possible values for PostFinance are:
      Waiting for capture
      Payment abandoned by the buyer

    For more information, see the Payment Form Implementation Guide available in our online documentation archive (

  2. Identify the mode in which the authorization request was made by saving the value of vads_auth_mode
    Field name Description Value
    vads_auth_mode Authorization mode Only the FULL value is possible.

    Authorization for the total amount of the transaction.

    Value used for immediate payments if the period between the requested capture date and the current date is shorter than the authorization validity period.

  3. Store the payment amount and currency. To do this, retrieve the values of the following fields:
    Table 1. Payment amount and currency fields
    Field name Description
    vads_amount Amount of the payment (in the smallest currency unit).
    vads_currency Code of the payment currency.
    vads_change_rate Exchange rate used.
    vads_effective_amount Payment amount in the effective currency used for capture in the bank.
  4. Retrieve the value of the vads_auth_result field to identify the result of the payment authorization request.

    When the authorization has been accepted, the value of the vads_auth_result field is 00.

    All other results indicate that the authorization has been refused.

    Field name Description Value
    vads_auth_result Returned codes of the authorization request for PostFinance The possible values are:
    • 00 : Authorized with success
    • 101 : format is invalid
    • 102 : Withdrawal amount exceeded
    • 103 : Merchant ID is unknown
    • 104 : Transaction refused by the merchant
    • 105 : PSP ID is unknown
    • 106 : Transaction refused by PSP
    • 107 : An authorization with identical Transaction Id is already existed
    • 108 : Authorization failed without a specific reason
    • 109 : Acquirer inoperative
    • 110 : Problem of timeout to the Acquirer web site
    • 111 : A technical problem occurred
    • 112 : The Acquirer System is inoperative, the user must repeat the operation
    • 113 : Transaction already being canceled, no possibility to return back
    • 114 : Problem of timeout to the PSP
  5. Save the value of the vads_presentation_date field to identify the payment presentation date.
    Field name Description Value
    vads_presentation_date The capture date PostFinance transaction is always presented a day after the capture date.
  6. Save the value of the vads_payment_config field to identify the possible payment type
    Field name Description Value
    vads_payment_config Payment type For PostFinance SINGLE is the only possible value.
  7. Save the type of card used for payment by retrieving the value of the vads_card_brand field

    The possible values are:

    • POSTFINANCE in case of a PostFinance Card payment method.
    • POSTFINANCE_EFIN in case of a PostFinance e-Finance.
  8. Save the contract ID associated with the transaction by retrieving the value of the vads_contract_used field