History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
3.1 Lyra Network 20/02/2017
  • Update of the Creating a PayPal account chapter for accounts in Sandbox mode
  • Addition of the chapter on merchant protection
  • Addition of vads_authent_paypal_protection_eligibility for identifying the used type of protection
  • Update of screenshots of the Authentication tab in transaction details.
  • Addition of the chapter on recurring payment
3.0 Lyra Network 25/10/2016

Documentation update: In the Back Office, PayPal MID management is done via the Merchant IDs tab and not PayPal MID tab.

2.1 Lyra Network 21/09/2015 Additional information on PayPal merchant protection.
2.0 Lyra Network 06/10/2014 Initial version in DITA format
1.0 Lyra Network 24/08/2011 Initial version

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