Viewing the Klarna transaction in the Back Office

Transactions can be viewed in the Back Office via the Management > Transactions menu.

  1. Select a Klarna transaction.

    Depending on the transaction status, select the tab where the transaction appears:

    • Transactions is progress
    • Captures
    • Captured transactions


    When Klarna retains a transaction:
    • The payment appears in the Payment in progress tab with a Waiting for authorization status.
    • The vads_result field is returned with the 00 value during the call to the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) URL. Make sure you also verify that the vads_trans_status field in your script is not populated with WAITING_AUTHORISATION (verification by Klarna).

  2. Right-click on the selected transaction.

  3. Select Display transaction details.

    The dialog box Details of a transaction appears.

    Figure 1. Transaction details

    Among the information presented in the Details tab, you will find:

    • Transaction type

      Debit in case of a payment. Credit in case of a refund.

    • The transaction amount

    • The transaction status

    • ...

    Among the information presented in the Buyer tab, you will find:

    • The buyer's first and last name
    • The buyer's address
    • The buyer's phone number
    • ...

    Among the information presented in the Shopping cart tab, you will find the buyer's order details.